Храм Рождества и Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы от Пролома
Храм Рождества и Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы от Пролома
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The architectural description of the church
The Church of Intercession and Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God, or the Intercession Church at the Breach, or the Intercession Church in the Corner as it is often called, is situated in the south-west corner of Okolny Gorod next to the Intercession Tower.

The building is composed of two small churches without pillars, each having an apse and a narthex. The quadrangles and narthexes of the churches have shared walls. The vaults of both churches are supported by the south wall of the Intercession Church and the north wall of the Nativity Church as well as by the middle wall. There are small segmental arches between the vaults perpendicular to the shared wall. The existence of the shared wall proves that both buildings were erected simultaneously which brings us to the conclusion that it was done after 1581 as before that time no mention of the Nativity Church had been made.

The facades of the quadrangles and narthexes have no decorations while the cupolas and apses are decorated with ornamental brickwork which looks like a belt on the surface of the wall representing a pattern of triangular notches stretched in a row with their vertices pointing at each other. The altar of each church has a window opening and there is a window aperture in each alcove designed for oblation and located in the north-east corners of quadrangles of the Intercession and the Nativity Churches. The narthexes are ceiled with vaults having the striking of arch over the window openings and are connected by the doorway in the shared wall; they are also connected with the quadrangles by the doorways. Each narthex has the main doorway as well, so there are two entrances to the Church. During the restoration works of 1962-1964 the gable plank roofs and three-pillared belfry were erected.

The church is build of limestone. Its dimensions are as follows: its length (including the narthex) is 17m; its width is 15m.

The source of information: the website “Historical and Cultural Monuments of Pskov and Pskov Region.”

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